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More than a sequence of rooms filled with things we own, our homes are the backdrops of our life. And whether we like it or not, we are actors and the sets have a tremendous influence on how we feel, act and live. ?Imagine you come home to your beautiful English cottage (Kate Winslet’s stone cottage in The Holiday is what I have in mind ?? ). You open the door and you immediately feel sheltered, at ease. You see fresh flowers picked from the garden, stacks of your favorite books, pictures from that fun vacation you took with your sweetie. You see layers of life, your life, and it feels safe and uplifting.

Homes are beautiful when they are lived-in and personal, collected and organized. They don’t need to be mansions and chateaus (although I could easily be happy in a chateau), small cottages will do just fine. What matters is that we invest ourselves in every nook and cranny. Instead of hoarding, we can make conscious decisions about what we let on the inside. We can choose quality over quantity.logo

Hi, my name is Eva Contreras and I have a passion for homes. I started Café Design as a creative outlet for my ever-growing love for beautiful interiors and gardens, and the blog quickly grew into a lifestyle destination. Because I believe you cannot separate the two – a home well lived-in leads to a happier, more fulfilling life. It’s like the late design legend Albert Hadley used to say

“Make your home as comfortable and appealing as possible and then get on with living.

There’s more to life than decorating. “?

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