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I wrote about Clove Brook Farm on numerous occasions. An Architectural Digest article from a few years back featuring the freshly renovated interiors of an 18th-century Greek revival farmhouse in Millbrook, New York started a cult-like following among design lovers around the world. Its talented owner, potter, ceramicist and award-winning gardener Christopher Spitzmiller has created a special place and has been tirelessly working each year to add to its beauty.?

With help from celebrity gardener P. Allen Smith, fellow design and horticultural royalty Bunny Williams, as well as friend Martha Stewart, Spitzmiller has designed flower gardens worthy of awe. This fall, the Garden Conservancy included Spitzmiller’s gardens on their tour list and hundreds of garden enthusiasts wondered in. I’m guessing they had a hard time leaving. Complete with a dove cote, a pond and pool house, his gardens now grow award-winning dahlias and hydrangeas, while his poultry? have won several medals in local shows. To our delight, Veranda’s holiday issue takes us on a tour of this charming place, all dressed up in winter attire. The following images are from Veranda. Enjoy!

Clove Brook 1

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There is so much inspiration at our fingertips, only a scroll away. I’m talking about Instagram, of course and I’m delighted to share with you the stunning interiors of Jack Laver Brister, a third generation antiques dealer and interior decorator living in Somerset, England. A.k.a @tradchap, Jack’s Instagram account is dedicated to all things traditional featuring a delightful mix of atmospheric shots and historical homes, chic antiques and vintage chintz. His interiors reflect a comfortable, lived-in aesthetic, a faded country style look that is ever so charming. Following is a curated mix of his work as well as his Georgian home which was featured in Ros Byam Shaw’s new book Perfect English Townhouse.?Enjoy!

Trad Chap 20

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Happy November!?Those of you who have gone trick-or-treating with your little ones, I hope you had a spooky Halloween with plenty of treats ??? We had so much fun this year! The weather was exceptionally warm so Isabella could run around the neighborhood in her fairy costume as opposed to last year when we were bundled up and wearing mittens and ski hats and were holding hot cups of tea to get us through the block. I am so sorry for those of you where rain was in the forecast this Halloween. Ivan and I are not big on Halloween but Isabella’s excitement was contagious, as usual, so we gave in and got silly, as usual. We put on cat costumes and painted our faces, it was eerie!?

Now, in terms of Halloween decorations, I pulled the lazy-decorator move and got away with doing very little this year but, I have been cozying up our home for the cold season. Shockingly, instead of blue and white, I find myself drawn to warmer hues (a little bit of red and brown) and I couldn’t?resist adding a few softer blankets and aromatic candles. On that note. I’m still praying that our living room TV magically turns into a wood-burning fireplace but so far no luck. I’m also cooking spicier foods than usual so there’s that.?

Anyway, it’s late and I’m rambling so I’m going to wrap up this short post by saying that the following images are from my Pinterest boards. They are random selections with nothing in common except that they’re pretty, cozy and could easily be from a perfect little English cottage. They are my fall pretties, spaces where you’d love nothing more than to curl up with a book and a hot cup of cocoa and watch the gutsy wind and the pretty leaves outside.? Which is exactly what I’m doing every morning ?? Except it’s not cocoa. It’s a latte. Double shot.?Enjoy!


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Trick or treat??!!! I hope you all prefer treats over tricks because I have quite a treat for you today…One of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow is that of fine arts and furniture dealer Gerald Bland. He and his wife, the talented Italian painter Mita Corsini Bland whom I’ve admired for a long time and whose watercolor renderings deserve a post of their own, have lived until recently in Manhattan’s Upper East Side neighborhood. You can tour their former, incredibly chic, apartment through this article from The New York Social Diary.

Trained in London and a specialist in 18th century English antiques, Gerald Bland?run Sotheby’s English furniture department for 10 years before starting his own fine arts and antiques boutique, Gerald Bland Inc. What I can infer from Mr. Bland’s Instagram account is that they’ve since moved and had been for some time living in a charming country cottage, probably a classic Tudor with an abundance of architectural details. His latest posts however show a new stunning property, a Greek Revival country home located somewhere upstate New York. Since the furniture and art are mostly the same, I am guessing they’ve moved into this gorgeous new home. A few remodel shots reveal that some interior and exterior remodeling was done. The walls were painted white, the floors refinished and some of the ceilings painted a golden hue. I noticed that they did something similar in their previous homes and I think it is brilliant. The freshly painted walls with beautiful decorative moldings and high ceilings are a perfect background for the couple’s lifelong collection of one-of-a-kind object, furniture, art and antiques. The rooms feel cozy yet carefully edited at the same time, without being too sweet or overly cool. This is such a difficult balance to pull off and I feel like they’ve done it beautifully.?


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Over the last four decades, Texas interior designer Cathy Kincaid has built a successful career by creating classically fresh interiors, carefully edited yet relaxed, and always pretty. The Dallas-based designer can do no wrong in my book and I have long admired her eye with color and skill at mixing different periods and styles. The latest? issue of House Beautiful magazine published a story on Kincaid’s new home, an American Shingle Style cottage and I must confess that out of her many projects, it is a favorite. The home feels elegant without being pretentious and it’s a place where family and pets are always welcome. It is more country than most of Kincaid’s projects and it’s a style that plays well with her love of blue and white, Andlo-Indian antiques and lush fabrics. It’s as charming as can be! The following images and captions are from House Beautiful. Photography by Miguel Flores-Vianna. Enjoy!


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