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It is always a great pleasure to discover hidden gems, be it on the web, in a new decorating book or an old magazine. I make it a point to buy vintage design magazines whenever I find them and I was lucky to discover a stack at a garage sale in our neighborhood one weekend.? In it, and earmarked no less, was a gorgeous Belgian country home that I’ve only seen images of the exterior before. The outside is gorgeous but it looks even more delightful on the inside.? Maybe many of you have seen it and remember it. It’s the country home (and by that, I mean castle) of Belgian fashion designer édouard Vermeulen. It is so beautiful that I needed to find out more. Vermeulen’s fashion label, Natan, dresses the royal families of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg and he has been recently? awarded the title of baron by Belgian king Philippe.?The images below are from Homes and Gardens, UK 2005.


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I have been enchanted with the work of architect Gil Schafer for over a decade now and I’m still discovering some of his older projects.?It was a happy moment when I stumbled upon this sweet little lake house he renovated and decorated with the help of color expert Eve Ashcroft. This quaint?Connecticut cottage is somewhat different from the more formal architecture Schafer is known for, and I love it!?It was published in House Beautiful in the summer of 2007 but it still looks just as beautiful today.?

On the inside, it is bright and open. It has many windows and French doors ?to take in all the gorgeous views. Schafer enclosed a previously open porch and installed a row of windows in the adjoining dining room as well, which now overlooks the lake. Appropriately for a lake house, Ashcroft chose a very calming color scheme of blue-greens and had most of the floors painted with an enamel finish for durability. There are so many pretty rooms and details that I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves. Photography is by Don Freeman.?


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During this long and relaxing holiday weekend, my Instagram feed exploded with beautiful images of quintessential American homes in some of my favorite locations. Nantucket is one of those places that, although I’ve not seen much of, I feel a special connection to. It is difficult to find a Nantucket home that isn’t charming so it ’s no surprise that this cottage by the sea is one of the most photographed homes in America. I’ve long admired its rose-covered exterior and was wondering how much prettier it could be on the inside.?

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Happy Friday, friends! I hope your week has been pleasant & productive so far! We’re over the moon that my mom is visiting with us for the rest of the month. We don’t get to see each other as often as we’d like to so it’s a wonderful treat for all of us, and especially Isabella, to have grandma near. We have trips to the farmer’s market and the pool, and lots of cuddles planned for the weekend.? What are your plans??

It’s been years since I first saw this cute little saltbox cottage and I’ve always wondered how it looks like on the inside.?Well, last month Country Living satisfied my curiosity by featuring a home tour. The house belongs to Manhattan architect and interior designer Jennifer Miller and her husband Derrick. Together with their two children, the couple spends most their summer weekends in this charming little beach house. I would too!!!


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Last month, my husband and I attended a couple of open houses in our neighborhood. We’re renting right now but at that point we were contemplating the idea of buying our first home here in Urbana. It wouldn’t have been the wisest of decisions (and we knew that) since we’ll be leaving by the end of the year, but nevertheless, we wanted to get a feel of the market and see what’s available in our price range. We saw several houses of different sizes and styles (a handsome Georgian, a tiny bungalow and a Tudor style cottage) but my favorite was a sweet little Cape.

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