First impressions are everything. I know this sounds harsh but research shows that when meeting new people, we decide within a few seconds how likeable, competent, successful they are. What’s even more important, our first judgement is usually accurate and when it’s not, it really doesn’t matter because we rarely change our minds!

And the same thing happens with our homes. Whether you’re decorating for the fun of it or preparing your home for the market, first impressions are the ones that get your home liked, and sold. So today’s post is about the most important ways I can think of to improve your curb appeal so that your home can make that lasting impression.

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As much as I love what I do, the weekend still gets to me. EVERY TIME. So instead of fighting the Monday morning madness, I’m embracing it with a few of MY favorite blues. What better way to start the week than with some serious eye candy. Calm and refreshing as blue can be.

blue 1

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We’ve had lots of rain around here these past few days, the perfect weather to enjoy hot cups of coffee and a good book (Kate Morton’s Distant Hours is on my list). Which got me thinking about comfortable reading nooks and one of the coziest chair arrangements ever. Four armchairs ?and a round coffee table. For a long time I wanted to try this in my own home so I gathered a few inspiration images. The look is a fresh take on the more common sofa & two armchairs setup. Can be a great conversation spot at parties or other social gatherings?so it works really well if you like to entertain a lot, or have been blessed with a numerous family.

four 1

southern living

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Chic, delicate, stunning! ?These are just a few words that come to mind when describing the work of LA based interior designer Mark. D Sikes. Ever since his Hollywood Hills home was published in House Beautiful?2012 (and created a shock wave in the design blogosphere), his name has become synonymous to the new classic, relaxed Hollywood glamour. Soon after that, his already perfect home underwent another renovation and was published in Veranda, in the August 2014 issue. Proof that perfection can be surpassed!

mds wallpaper

mark d. sikes

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One of my favorite ways to add interest to bookshelves or coffee table displays is to use apothecary jars and cloches (or glass bells). ?Any decorative item will look so much better styled under the glass, from books, corals, seashells, collections of any kind to even the most basic household item. These jars and glass bells come in a variety of shapes with different sizes to choose from (depending on the things you wish to style under them), and some have a cute little base (wooden, metal or glass) that helps anchor your arrangement. Really pretty to look at, it is definitely worth investing in a couple of these:

cloche 2

pottery barn

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