I fell in love with this image many years ago, from a photograph torn out of an old issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine. I had no clue about its owners, its location or anything more really than this picture of its exterior. But it was enough because I’ve never seen a home more beautiful, more charming or more inviting than this one. With perfectly manicured hedges, a white picket fence and an old world lantern by the front gate, white shutters on white exterior, cedar shake roof – this home spoke to my love of old houses and classic design. It is a dream, and the?front yard alone is impossible to rival, in my opinion. I knew right there that the owners must have impeccable taste and suspected its interiors must look just as lovely.?And I was right!?I’ve recently found out through Instagram that the home is located in Lyme, CT but it wasn’t until last week that I accidentally found a real estate listing for it. It turns out it is for sale, although I can imagine it must be with heavy hearts that the owners are parting with it. Here’s what I found out from a Sotheby’s listing.

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Life has been on the fast lane this week, with several home projects wrapping up, craft festivals, trips to the library, playdates…Before I even realized, autumn has set in, the days got shorter, warm jackets and rain boots are out and my to-do list exploded. I promised you a look at our living room projects and we’re almost done with the bookcases and painting so, probably by mid-next week, I’ll manage to write a blog post with details and pictures.?

For today, since it’s Friday and we’re all looking forward to some weekend R&R, maybe even a few delicious home-cooked meals,? I thought we’d revisit together, virtually of course, the much-admired barn of celebrity chef Ina Garten, the queen of home-cooking.? I know, I know…you’ve probably seen it only a million times before, but it’s so pretty and I’ve got some new images of the interiors ?that I’m sure you won’t mind. Her show is one of the few things we watch on TV (except PBS Kids of course ?? ) and I’m always trying to catch a glimpse of the decor. The episodes where she entertains outdoors and we get to see her amazing gardens are my favorite.?

As you may know, Ina’s barn was built on an adjacent plot to their main house, that she and Jeffrey bought when it came on the market. It’s walking distance from their house and was inspired by the simple country homes of Belgium. Architect Frank Greenwald is responsible for the build, while the interiors were designed by Robert Stilin with a new library/hangout space addition by Daniel Romualdez.??


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Blogging about beautiful homes is a risky business. Especially if you’re in the process of decorating your own, and you’ve already made up your mind about things like paint and fabrics and a general color scheme. Seeing something new that you love might make sticking to a plan a challenge. On Monday I posted images of the picturesque home of British textile designer Louise Townsend, as seen in the September 2018 issue of?Victoria magazine. I was so smitten with the few images featured in that article that I had to find out more. I also felt an incontrollable urge to rush to the paint store and paint all our living room walls on a whim. I actually got to the store and returned with several pink and blue paint samples. We settled on a soft pink for my daughter’s bedroom, however, the darker blues inspired by Louise’s drawing room (pictured below) won’t work for our room as there is only one pair of windows and?I’m afraid the room will end up looking too dark.

Anyway, back to the country house of Louise Townsend… It was also featured on the cover of The English Home last September, and for good reason, as it is a picture-perfect English farmhouse in an idyllic location. Set in the rolling hills of Dartmoor, its interiors are everything we love about the English Country Style – uplifting and overflowing with great ideas to decorate one’s own home. Wallpaper and classic prints, blues and whites and pale pinks, painted antiques and tasteful gallery walls, you can find it all in Louise Townsend’s country house. ?A place after my own heart, this 18th-century farmhouse celebrates comfort and beauty in every room and each detail.?Aside from magazine features, Louise shares images of her house through her inspiring Instagram account. Here’s a virtual tour of one of the prettiest homes I’ve ever seen!?

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The September issue of Victoria Magazine (British issue) features a few idyllic images of a country house in Devon, on the edge of Dartmoor. It is home to British textile designer Louise Townsend and the few images shown are breathtaking and would stop any anglophile in his / her tracks. It is simply enchanting! How did I not know about Louise and her textile designs? Here is a peek from Victoria Magazine, with photography by Jane Hope. I will be back later this week with more details about this superb home and its über-chic owner! Have a great day!


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It’s Thursday night as usual (as I type this) and I can’t get over the lovely home of Birmingham decorator and textile designer Heather Chadduck Hillegas, featured in the new issue of House Beautiful. I got my magazine couple of days ago but it took me a while to carve out some down time and flip through its pages. Tucked at the end is a beautiful project in the heart of Birmingham, Alabama. A labor of love as it happens because? “he who loves an old house never loves in vain…”.?

Pineapple House, sweetly named after the southern symbol of hospitality, is a century-old house in Birmingham, the home of textile designer and decorator Heather Chadduck and her husband, photographer David Hillegas. Over the last five years, Hillegas and her husband have been hard at work, carefully restoring their 1920s colonial clapboard farmhouse. Years of antiquing and exotic travel treasures have found a home in a string of rooms that reflect a casual chic, fresh southern sensibility.?

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