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Trick or treat??!!! I hope you all prefer treats over tricks because I have quite a treat for you today…One of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow is that of fine arts and furniture dealer Gerald Bland. He and his wife, the talented Italian painter Mita Corsini Bland whom I’ve admired for a long time and whose watercolor renderings deserve a post of their own, have lived until recently in Manhattan’s Upper East Side neighborhood. You can tour their former, incredibly chic, apartment through this article from The New York Social Diary.

Trained in London and a specialist in 18th century English antiques, Gerald Bland?run Sotheby’s English furniture department for 10 years before starting his own fine arts and antiques boutique, Gerald Bland Inc. What I can infer from Mr. Bland’s Instagram account is that they’ve since moved and had been for some time living in a charming country cottage, probably a classic Tudor with an abundance of architectural details. His latest posts however show a new stunning property, a Greek Revival country home located somewhere upstate New York. Since the furniture and art are mostly the same, I am guessing they’ve moved into this gorgeous new home. A few remodel shots reveal that some interior and exterior remodeling was done. The walls were painted white, the floors refinished and some of the ceilings painted a golden hue. I noticed that they did something similar in their previous homes and I think it is brilliant. The freshly painted walls with beautiful decorative moldings and high ceilings are a perfect background for the couple’s lifelong collection of one-of-a-kind object, furniture, art and antiques. The rooms feel cozy yet carefully edited at the same time, without being too sweet or overly cool. This is such a difficult balance to pull off and I feel like they’ve done it beautifully.?


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For many of us, what we find beautiful evolves and changes over time. Sometimes the change is radical, from one aesthetic to another, oftentimes the change is subtle. We start understanding the reasons for liking one room and disliking another. We see patterns emerging and develop a critical eye based on knowledge, not just instinct.?

Over the last couple of years, through writing this blog, and over a decade of poring over beautiful homes, I’ve started to get a hold of my personal style. Finally! And I know it will keep changing and I’ll probably look back in a few more years and discard some of the rooms I’ve now saved for inspiration. One home that has, for me, stood the test of time is the East Hampton home of designer Tom Scheerer.


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Happy Friday, friends! I hope your week has been pleasant & productive so far! We’re over the moon that my mom is visiting with us for the rest of the month. We don’t get to see each other as often as we’d like to so it’s a wonderful treat for all of us, and especially Isabella, to have grandma near. We have trips to the farmer’s market and the pool, and lots of cuddles planned for the weekend.? What are your plans??

It’s been years since I first saw this cute little saltbox cottage and I’ve always wondered how it looks like on the inside.?Well, last month Country Living satisfied my curiosity by featuring a home tour. The house belongs to Manhattan architect and interior designer Jennifer Miller and her husband Derrick. Together with their two children, the couple spends most their summer weekends in this charming little beach house. I would too!!!


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Happy Friday!

I had a different post planned for today but once I picked up a copy of the May + June issue of Traditional Home, I knew I had to change it. In a feature written and produced by Tory Mellot, we get to visit a wonderful Nashville property designed by one of my favorite decorators, Sarah Bartholomew. I’ve seen photoshoot teasers on Bartholomew’s Instagram a few months ago and was delighted to finally see the project published.


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Many years ago, I think it was the summer of 2006, House Beautiful published a story about a chic Sag Harbor cottage decorated by Ruby Beets – the iconic antiques shop in the Hamptons. I found the images on Pinterest the other day and was intrigued by how layered and rich, and natural they looked. Founded by Sharon Einhorne and Honey Wolters, Ruby Beets has become something of a Long Island legend. What started out as a farmhouse store in Montauk has evolved over the years into a stylish destination for designers and home-owners alike.

With an eclectic mix of traditional and modern furniture, contemporary art, lighting, accessories and photography, Ruby Beets Old & New is also the sole U.S representative of iconic George Sherlock, UK? Upholstery. Their unique vision and collaborations with stylists have earned them national as well as international accolades, with publications in shelter magazines both here in the U.S and overseas. Ruby Beets also offers interior design services and, judging by this stunning cottage, I think they are brilliant!?


“A thin coat of whitewash added some age to a reproduction dining table, with 1920s lyre-back chairs from an old hotel in Maine. ?The midcentury light fixture was originally made for a school gym.?“

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